On February 15th, 2002 I love my Hermana/My Sister. Every year I take time to remember a Sister, A Friend I lived with for 8 months, up until her untimely departure into the after life; death. My Sister, P’ Oui passed away 13 years ago while I was living in Chiang Mai, Thailand. She was only 24 years old. P’Oui helped be adjust into Thai lifestyle. It was hard for me, so many rules, too many showers, and they handed me a razor a week into living with them, i am hairy and do not care for shaving. P’Oui is in this foto that I glued into one of 10 sketchbooks I made while living in northern Thailand for one year. She is in the blue shirt. Looks like we were lounging around watching Thai soap operas. Forever in my heart, Salud to those who have lost their sisters. 2-15-02 Thank The Creator for My Hands, My Hand allow me to create art. Without Arte, I would have never survived so many struggles in my life. ‪#‎makemasarte‬

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