Día de los Muertos



Día de los Muertos Milwaukee Parade Project was founded in the Summer of 2010.  Myself, my Mother and a mentor of mine decided to start this together.  By the time October 1st, 2010 came around, it was myself, My Mother, Walker’s Point Center of the Arts, friends and family who made this vision come to life.  Since then we look to community to host us in a space or as I did this year.  I had a Educators workshop and this allowed me to connect directly with teachers and get the project into their schools and colleges.


Founder of Parade, Celeste Contreras

Fiscal Sponsor and Heart, Walker’s Point Center for the Arts

This project is

100% Communidad/Community

100% Familia

100% Ceremonia

This project could not happen without the support of

Walker Square Neighborhood Association and Walker’s Point Association

Photographer, Jennifer Janviere
Photographer, Jennifer Janviere.2014


Photographer, C.M.DeSpears
Photographer, C.M.DeSpears.2014


In 2016, I taught 13 sessions over 7 weeks of the history and traditions of making an Ofrenda/Offering in the form of a shrine.  Over 50 people and over 20 families participated in the free workshops which were held at Walker’s Point Center for the Arts on the weekends.

Photographer, Lupita Mexicano
Photographer, Lupita Mexicano.2014
photographer, Peggy Romo West
photographer, Peggy Romo West.2014
Photographer, Paul Gaudynski
Photographer, Paul Gaudynski.2014


Every year I try to create new ways of displaying artists and community members Ofrendas/Shrines.  This idea was inspired by ceremonies in Thailand or Latin America, where one or several persons lift up large deities attached to wooden platforms. I call these, WALKING OFRENDAS.  These are made to have 2- 4 people lift them.  


Walking Offends by Diego Heredia, Alliance School, The Milwaukee Art Museum, Dara Larson, & Red Line
By All Peoples Church 2015
Piñata Workshops 2015

2012_4PicMonkey Collage.jpg.opt545x271o0,0s545x2712012._parade_PicMonkey Collage.jpg.opt542x270o0,0s542x270

Parade was lead by the Hamilton Family, We honored Dontre Hamilton throughout the entire parade 2014

R.I.P. Art Elkon, photographer & artist, passed 2015




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