Fiber Art

Handmade Paper

The Thickest Piece of Paper

In the summer of 1997 I made a piece of paper in my mother’s kitchen, using her blender and all sorts of paper that I had soaked for hours in water. I then poured it in a large plastic container used for storage under beds. I then took this piece of paper and let it dry in our basement. It took approximately 1 year for this piece of paper to dry. It is about 1 inch thick.

Below, in 2015, I finally used this piece of paper for the first time in a drawing and collage project. See the process and final outcome below.

12193556_10207508760580040_1602412908318106560_n12347946_10207655257882381_8868207248509585373_nSister Quilts

Milwaukee to Palenque

This is a quilt I made in 2002. I was preparing to set off on my Spiritual Journey to the Mother Landia, México, & I needed to bring a gift to give to a special place, a special person, a special moment. So I made two quilts. One I traveled with from 2003-04 while living in México and used this quilt as my sleeping bag and the other stayed in Milwaukee,Wiscosnin, USA with my Mother. Sister Quilts . The one I finally gifted was given to a small village commune called Ram Ram in Palenque, Chiapas I hitch hiked there alone until I was picked up by 2 gorgeous Spanish guys, from Spain who were living in Vermont and decided to travel down south with their dog. They dropped me off at Ram Ram. Ram Ram was a free space to stay as long as I did some chores and helped in the garden. I stayed there for a few weeks, could walk to ruins and to the official site of Palenque. Met life long friends at the Temple of the Sun, listened to the howling monkeys in the jungles of Chiapas.




Wood Burning

Doodles on Wood

When I first started wood burning, I would sink the burner all the way down because I could not control the wood burner. Once I got the rhythm down I was addicted to everything about drawing and wood burning. Especially the smell of the projects. The wood burning smells so good and the wood stains are so fun and smelly.

Below are some ornaments and necklace pendents I made.