So far this year I have been writing non-stop, thinking non-stop, creating non-stop thanks to my family who is giving me this time to prepare for a career in the arts. So far I have been all over the studio with all elements of visual arts from fabric tapestries, collages, painting, embroidery, sewing, assemblage art, building a huge ofrenda (shrine), small found-object collages, I have even sold many of my memory & palimpsest apARTment series to pay rent.

Take a look….


21 little boxes…all handmade in one night and painted



3″x3″ collage of found objects and a handmade relief of Jesus Christ with a peace symbol painted on his face. wood, acrylic paint, fabric, metal, plastic, clay, glue.



2″x1.5″ framed drawing of mine mounted on Guatemalan textile.                                        Wood, acrylic paint, paper, textile, glue.


one work space in my studio. Assemblage art is one of my passions that fills my studio and attic with boxes of found objects. one goal this year is to USE all of these objects FINALLY.


Made a tiny shrine for David Bowie. I had this tin laying around for a decade with a magazine clipping of Bowie & Trent Reznor glued in it….as though I was waiting to make a shrine for one of them…
“The Greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.”-David Bowie


4″x2.5″ framed miniature collage, goes with the Memory & Palimpsest apARTment series I have been working on this past fall and winter. Wood, acrylic paint, ink, pen, newsprint, paper bag

Pen & Ink drawing 15″x22″ 140lb cold press paper