July is no lie

Been working hard to pay rent and trying to get ahead of this fall before it “falls” into place.

Working in the International & Intercultural Center as one of 4 student team leaders.

Working on Dia de los Muertos Milwaukee projects; art mercado, 6th Annual Parade, 5K Walk/Run, co-currating exhibitions, etc.

Working on moving, I will finally have an art studio after 15 years without one.

Celebrating 11 years with my Incredibly sweet and humble handsome Husband in August.

Trying to Peace in this Community in Milwaukee, WI with crime rates sky high and young lives being lost daily. Praying a lot and trying to attend as many meetings or gatherings where conscious people are vocal and want to help.

Enjoying summer with friends, laughs, love & Bugs.

Paz Y Luz

“For Healing in Our Lives, Ometeolt”