Please join me at Alverno’s New Art & Cultures Gallery, February 27, 4-8pm

10991255_10205627883559290_8508768344624394121_nPlease join me on Friday, Feb. 27th, at Alverno College, I have 2 pieces of art that were accepted into the juried art show, the very first one in the brand NEW Alexia Hall’s Art & Cultural Gallery.

I am so grateful for being accepted into this art exhibition.  I was not sure if they would make it.  This was my first time in a juried art show.  The 2 pieces of art work will be photographed at the event on Feb. 27th, then posted afterwards.  I entered 2 books.  Both are related but that was not my intentions.  The first book is a hanging doll, the bust is 2 small hand-bound books covered in fabric from Afghanistan locked together with a chain and photo of my Great Abuela on my Mother’s side, the head is a small glass jar with a Virgin Guadalupe milagro and a self portrait in ink on tissue paper, the legs are made of sticks I found outside and behind the legs is a framed glass image of dancing skeletons a soldered together with small pieces of glass.  This hangs on a wall.

My second piece is a self reflection box I made for My Mother.  The box is really a big book with little books around it and one inside it.  The box is round and surrounded by several books, every other one is a book that can be pulled out by dyed and painted corn husks, those books are closed tight not intended to by opened, the other books surrounding the box are books you can unwind and open, you must unwind the string latched onto a tiny skeleton hand. The moon on the top represents myself, because when you open the box the other side of the moon is the sun. The sun represents my Mother, because the moon cannot shine without the sun.  The sun is made of cotton stuffed dyed fabric, I dyed it bright marigold orange.  Inside is another hand-bound book with prints and art and images I made and collected to represent my Mother.  The book is attached to a small doll representing myself and a small pillow representing the earth all which are related to who I am and where I came from.  My Mother.

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