Lost in Translation, Found in Decolonization

Creating Illustrations of My Personal Journey through life.  Lost in Translation, Found in Decolonization is a reflection of my Mexican-Tejana-Blackfeet-Cherokee-Mexica-Polish American experience.

My journey has been filled with love, joy, pain, memories, palimpsest, healing, injury, letting go, holding on, falling down, rising up, standing in my light, taking what is meant to be.

At 35 years old, this is what I am reflecting.

With more to come. . .


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Metztli Magik: BLK,BRWN + BRUJX


Metztli Magik Celeste Contreras 2018
I will be selling my most recent illustrations, Lunar Calendars and Ceramics + Moon Medicine Stories about Moon Dance + the healing pipe xooxoxoxx

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BLK+BRWN+BRUJX promotes Black, Brown, and Indigenous solidarity and liberation by creating radical community spaces and alternative economies.

All people are invited to our second cultural market, Metztli Magik! Metztli means moon in the Nahuatl language, an Indigenous language of these continental lands spoken throughout many communities yet today! In honoring this word, we honor Grandmother Moon and all her medicines and offerings as well as honoring our Indigenous Ancestors who have existed on this continental land mass for generations. ♥

Join us Saturday, March 3rd from 4:00-8:00pm at CORE El Centro.

Metztli Magik will feature:
– twenty-three BLK+BRWN+BRUJX makers offering their art & medicines
– delicious vegan food available for purchase
– moon medicine workshop
– children’s learning and play area

Stay tuned to the event page wall for features on our brujxs and other updates!

P.S. All people will be asked to remove their shoes before entering the movement room where our market will be thriving, so please come with the fresh feet!

Email blkbrwnbrujx@gmail.com with questions.

♥ love, leslie, leilani, and alida

Self Employment in the Arts 2018

Self Employment in the Arts conference this past weekend taught me much. I made it into the finalists for the Idea Pitch & the incredible Lauren Gilbert, from Marquette University took 1st place, sooooooo happy she won & all the beautiful work she will continue to do for Milwaukee with Beloved Masterpieces 🌟🌙🌼🕊🕯#seaconf2018 #seaconference2018 #sea2018#makemasarte #celestazuchitl #celestecontreras #draw #paint #artheals#belovedmasterpieces #milwaukeeartists #artemke #AlvernoStrong


Papel Picado=Wycinanki

Inspired by my Roots:

My most recent work, my illustrations of ceremony and my life, is inspired by my Mexican-Mexica and Polish Ancestry, specifically Tejana artist, Carmen Lomos Garza and Polish artist, Berenika Kowalska Obrzedy. Both are artist who work in illustrations and cut paper, in Polish it is Wycinanki(Wee-shi-naki) and in Español Papel Picado.
Papel Picado=Wycinanki
My work is a reflection of my family and friends, ceremony and celebration. It reminds me of times I felt love and community. I feel this in the work of Garza and Obrzedy.
#makemasarte #illustrations #PapelPicado #Wycinanki

Tejana artist, Carmen Lomos Garza
Tejana artist, Carmen Lomos Garza


Tejana artist, Carmen Lomos Garza
Polish artist, Berenika Kowalska Obrzedy
Polish artist, Berenika Kowalska Obrzedy
Polish artist, Berenika Kowalska Obrzedy
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Celeste Contreras, El Día de Recuerdos y Vida 2018
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Celeste Contreras, Studio Time is Sacred Time 2017
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Celeste Contreras, El Tren Mexican Dominos 13 Sacred Rounds 2018