Spring 2016

Here are some ideas for my own logos.

I first designed this image using only cursive “I”s. The form of the “I”s created a kinesthetic creepy crawly effect as well as the body which creates the illusion of depth and movement. CENTIPEDE2

Inspired by my peers, my sisters from Graphic & Illustration class, I had my A-Ha moment seeing their work. I finally understood how to make an animal with only letters. This might just be the perfect logo for me.

Bugs are my Spirit Animals.

Bugs have saved my sanity, they have given me strength and GREAT power when I felt so scared, alone, sad, small. Centipedes are a Favorite. If you look closely you can see several different symbols for Buddha or a Meditation pose of a figure(s). Bugs have been a place of Peace and Tranquility. #CentipedeSpirit Centipede made with all “I”s “i”‘s Makes sense since “I” feel like a centipede spirit at times. #makemasarte Mirror image of my centipede mades of “I”s. Found my place of PEACE in the center .


You can see the Buddha or a Meditative pose of a figure(s)



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