I am grateful for…..

…My investors: My Mother, Anna & My Husband.
…My support: Teachers who have changed my life and are still in my life. Mrs. Reemer(My middle school art teacher who saved my life), Mrs. Chwala(Grade school art teacher), Mr. Gary Gletty(grade school music teacher), Mrs. Forsyth Katter(High school teacher who helped me study abroad twice), Mrs. Patricia(my first teacher at age 2.5 at MATC daycare center), ศิรินทร์ ตันกุริมาน and ALL My teachers in Thailand, Italy, Mexico, Guatemala.
…My guidance: my heart, my ancestors, prayers from my familia & friends.
…My inspiration: The voiceless. Past abuse. past struggles.
…My spirit: my ancestors walk with mi each and every step of the way.
…My happiness: All comes from overcoming deep-dark sadness. I work towards never returning to the sadness.
…My wealth: I am the richest woman when I show gratitude towards my investors, my support, my guidance, my inspiration, my spirit, & my happiness.

Ometeolt. To all my Relations.

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