In the summer of 2011 i was hired to work with the Milwaukee Public Theatre and their annual All-City-Peoples Parade. Working with other talented artists this is what we made.

After days Of thinking how to make hundreds of feathers for this huge puppet. I did some researching on indigenous materials such as corn husks, corn, banana leaf, things i was familiar with. I dyed some corn husks and the store bought dye held well on the corn husks. It was bright enough. Then I layered on acrylic paints and gold spray paint. 

302092_2280226768035_7774057_n                            297288_2280227608056_7090273_n                               320715_2282628308072_4612612_n                             301190_2286105194992_5233552_n

Check out this video I made of the collection of fotos taken while i was making a 60+Ft. long Quetzalcoatl

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