43 cuarenta y tres/kwar-EN-tah ee tres



/cuarenta y tres/kwar-EN-tah ee tres

I am in the process of making a second work of art dedicated to the 43 murdered students. This second piece is a work of ink and paper. Drawing. I have made a couple videos of my process and my thoughts as i was working on this piece.

The first piece I made dedicated to the 43 students is a painting with small crosses I made of wood with acrylic flowers. Framed in antique frame.

On September 26th, 2014, 43 college students, all hoping to be teachers one day, were kidnapped and murdered. Iguala, Guerrero, MEXICO

  1. Carlos Lorenzo Hernandez Munoz 19 years old
  2. Jorge Anibal Cruz Mendoza 19 years old
  3. Jesus Jovany Rodriguez Tlatempa 19 years old
  4. Felipe Arnulfo Rosa 20 years old
  5. Benjamin Ascencio Bautista 19 years old
  6. Abel Garcia Hernandez 21 years old
  7. Emiliano Alen Gaspar De la Cruz 23 years old
  8. Doriam Gonzalez Parral 19 years old
  9. Jorge Luis Gonzalez Parral 21 years old
  10. Magdaleno Ruben Lauro Villegas 19 years old
  11. Jose Luis Luna Torres 20 years old
  12. Mauricio Ortega Valerio 18 years old
  13. Jorge Antonio Tizapa Legideno 19 years old
  14. Antonio Santana Maestro
  15. Marco Antonio Gomez Molina
  16. Cesar Manuel Gonzalez Hernandez
  17. Saul Bruno Garcia
  18. Adan Abrajan De la Cruz 24 years old
  19. Christian Tomas Colon Garnica 18 years old
  20. Luis Angel Francisco Arzola 20 years old
  21. Israel Jacinto Lugardo 19 years old
  22. Julio Cesar Lopez Patolzin 25 years old
  23. Jose Angel Navarrete Gonzalez 18 years old
  24. Marcial Pablo Baranda 20 years old
  25. Miguel Angel Mendoza Zacarias 33 years old
  26. Alexander Mora Venancio 21 years old
  27. Luis Angel Abarca Carrillo 18 years old
  28. Jorge Alvarez Nava 19 years old
  29. Jose Angel Campos Cantor 33 years old
  30. Giovanni Galindes Guerrero 20 years old
  31. Jhosivani Guerrero De la Cruz 21 years old
  32. Cutberto Ortiz Ramos 22 years old
  33. Everado Rodriguez Bello 21 years old
  34. Martin Getsemany Sanchez Garcia 20 years old
  35. Jonas Trujillo Gonzalez 20 years old
  36. Jose Eduardo Bartolo Tlatempa 19 years old
  37. Leonel Castro Abarca 18 years old
  38. Miguel Angel Hernazdez Martinez 27 years old
  39. Carlos Ivan Ramirez Villareal 20 years old
  40. Chistian Alfonso Rodriguez Telumbre 21 years old
  41. Bernardo Flores Alcaraz
  42. Israel Gaballero Sanchez
  43. Abelardo Vazquez Peniten










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